First one is a mountain, tall and strong and pointed

Second is a worker, with honey, anointed

Then we have the ocean, to some, though, it’s the “sea”

Fourth one is for canines, ’cause cats just make me sneeze

Elephants come stomping, with our fifth addition

Next one marks a failure, red-pen repetition

This one means a thousand, in common street parlance

Happy is the next one, holding out helpful hands

Icy and iconic, ninth right here on the list

Tenth brings jubilation, jumping on what you’ve missed

Now we’ll have a royal, with title known as “king”

Love can bring you problems, but time heals everything

Hanging in the night sky, look up and see the moon

Night time brings us quiet, with things not seen at noon

Here’s an exclamation, for when you cry out “Oh!”

Sixteenth brings us peaches, all planted in a row

Queens pass by serenely, it’s quite a lovely sight

Robins build their nests up, and place the twigs just right

Sinuous and slender, the Nineteenth is a snake

Tremulous and tender, your time, feel free to take

Twenty-first’s uniquely ubiquitous in shape

Next one’s veracity brings vigor to this race

Twenty-third’s wonderful, a double-winner, wow

Difficult one follows, play xylophone sounds, now

Yell for joy we’ve almost now finished the whole lot

Zooming, zipping quickly, this last one’s all we’ve got

These many lines I’ve written in awe, respect and love

Now can you tell me, reader, just what I’m speaking of?


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