Affectionate Affectations

I fancy myself a poet. But how can I express

these firework feelings that explode in my chest?

Sure, it may seem like I’m good with my words,

but really, I’m just trying to impress you.

What if I were a DJ? Hey, that’d be sweet

In some stylish club spinning sick beats

With the bass pounding “Yo Jude, drop it hard!”

It’d be worth it if I could dance with you.

Or I could be an artist, with Photoshop and SAI

And design websites inspired by your eyes.

Yeah, espresso-shot brown, the hipsters would love it

But all that would do is just flatter you.

Alternatively, I’d make arcade games

With you as the hero, dodge-rolling through flames

You’d fight monsters and demons, and always look good

I’d do all this and more just to date you!

But the feeling I get is, you like me for me

Though I’m awkward and clumsy, and super dorky

When we’re together I can just be myself

and that’s all I need to amaze you.


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