part 1


I’m adorably femme

with cute, perky tits and a luscious bottom

Pastel pink heels, gloss for my lips

a palisade of lace panties for my dick


I was dashing and bold

stubble for my face and broad shoulders

full brows, thick hands

and a pussy wrapped in leather pants


I’ll be above this gender shit

A necktie to go with my cute nerd outfit

hair shaved in a mohawk, an oversized sweater

big enough to be a minidress

part 2

the two lumps on my chest remind me every day that i’m mixed-up, confusing and a nuisance, that i’m not “okay”

keep ’em covered, and smother my identity in this body i never asked for but that was assigned to me

i lift weights and run races because i want to be strong, but it’s this feminine softness that i’m running away from but before you smile, nod, and give me the title of “man”, shut the fuck up and listen, i don’t accept that brand

of category-based thinking, and my spirit is sinking. your mislabeling’s enabling your world to keep shrinking and at home i stare in the mirror, naked and swear that what i see is not never was and never will be me


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