hit it

i feel light, the hit goes to my head and down to my fingers

i am switched on

i have enhanced appreciation for all five senses and

i feel light, lifted

i am beautiful and perfect, and so is everyone else

i know

i am high(er) than i am accustomed to and

i worry about nothing

i feel the light


Invocation for the lonely

O Muse

Appear unto me

I’m lost in the dark of my mind and can’t see

With so many things

Tales to tell, songs to sing

The noise of the world is too loud

Dear Muse

Please stay for a while

I’ll keep working hard if you’ll give me a smile

I have these ideas

Lots of good ones, so please

Can you just turn the volume down?

Sweet Muse

Would you like a drink?

Can I get you anything? I’ll let you think

Just get comfortable

Keep your cup nice and full

Good to have you, just relax now

My Muse

Shall we watch a film?

I’m writing of horror, let’s watch something grim

Where are you going?

Ideas are not flowing

It’s your job, I need you around

Hey, Muse!

Don’t leave me alone

This is why I called you, to keep you at home

Giving up on me?

Then I’ll just set you free

Good luck finding work in this town!

Psh, Muse

Who even needs her?

I can do this work myself, I’m fairly sure

I’ll get along fine

Without her in my mind

No matter where my words are found