When I’m by myself and the silence is crushing

that’s when depression decides to drop by

It tells me I’m worthless, it tells me I’m nothing

My head in my hands, I try not to cry

I wonder sometimes, what it would be like

to go for a day without hating myself

And tell these bad thoughts to just take a hike

And bottle my tears, put them high on a shelf

This is a battle I never thought I’d fight

Sadness coming over me out of nowhere

But by now I’ve the heart of a war-hardened knight

And I lift up my weapons of hope and self-care

God help me, I won’t be another statistic

“They couldn’t deal with it, the world was too rough”

I’ll dismantle my feelings with methods artistic

With lyrics and verse, but will this be enough?

Can writing this down really help my depression?

I don’t understand, it’s just words on a page…

I guess it’s a visual mind-decompression

my sorrow can now, finally, exit the stage

Laying these words down, I follow my thoughts

I see where my heart goes, the paths my mind takes

Depression sneers at me with all that it’s got

But I’ll stand up and foil every move it can make

This will not destroy me, I will not retreat

And I’ll handle myself with pure, joyful grace

Lots of friends on my side, I can stay on my feet

And keep fighting on with a smile on my face


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