Golden Slumbers bath bomb

This is a special one: the lustrous Golden Slumbers bath bomb was tucked away in the luxe Lush Spa gift set this past Yuletide. Sometimes it’s nice to have a bit of exclusivity in my bath experience. 

Golden Slumbers is a gentle, comforting dream of lavender, chamomile and neroli. Where I live, my bathtub time is limited (so I have to be relatively quick in there, and squeeze in my soaks when I can), but this bath was relaxing enough to put the anxious little “gotta hurry up and get outta here” to rest.

I liked the neroli mixed in with the somewhat predictable pair of chamomile and lavender, it provided something new and fresh to go with an already- functional pair.

Also, if you are a new reader of this blog (hallo!), or if you just don’t know me outside of the internet, I’m actually a dragon. As such, the beautiful gold lustre this bomb is laced with was a big plus for me 🐉👍✨💖


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