life of the beast

snapshot: bedroom before dawn

In bed, warm and happy, before the Sun has risen and it’s my day off. Gabe’s asleep next to me. There’s a cat walking around and occasionally kneading bread on my stomach or legs. The dog is in his crate, quietly gnawing his bone from time to time. The fan is going and it’s nice and cool in the room; i need little more than underwear and a t-shirt on to be comfortable. I can just barely see silhouettes of trees backed by the slowly- rising Sun through the blinds. My stomach growls, but it’s alright because there’s food and coffee right outside my door in the kitchen. Soon I will get up and do my morning pages, drink my apple cider vinegar, exercise, take meds and get on with what is sure to be…no, what I will craft into a good day, but for now: a bit more rest.


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