Tried my first #meatfreemonday for 2017 and well…my spinach wrap for breakfast was great but then I needed to make a quick lunch at home and didn’t have stuff on hand to make anything tasty and filling without meat.

So I failed. But I’ll try again! 

What are y’alls favorite quick and tasty meat-free meals? I’ll try any recipes/suggestions next Monday!


My “forbidden joys”

I’m on Week 5 of my Artist’s Way journey, and I’ve been instructed to post this, a list of ten things I would love to do but am “not allowed” (that is, I’m not allowing myself). In no particular order, they are as follows:

  1. Carry a sketchbook
  2. Take a life-drawing class
  3. Get another tattoo
  4. Publish my poems
  5. Get another piercing
  6. Get a job cast as an extra
  7. Get some model work again
  8. Stream myself cooking
  9. Buy a fursuit
  10. Completely trick out all my blogs with slick new themes and my DSC button (and my Instagram button while we’re at it)