Iā€™m hooking you up with $25 off your first HotelTonight room

So it’s February, and that means it is officially the time of paper hearts, gifted chocolates, and rose-everything. Yes, wayward souls I’m talking about Valentine’s season.

If you have a special someone (or “someones”, poly relationships exist too), then you probably view your alone time with them as a precious, precious thing. My fiance and I currently live with his mother and when we have time alone…we cherish it.

The HotelTonight app is my little secret weapon. I use it to snag rooms for MomoCon, and just the other week for a one-night escape.


So here’s an idea: surprise your sweetie with a lil one-night getaway. Nothing could be nicer for your Valentine than some privacy and snuggles. The inclusion of cheap wine and fair-to-middlin’ chocolates is your call, buddy. Use my code JUREICH to get $25 off your first HotelTonight booking. Get the app: