Fresh ear-baubles

Sometimes all it takes to bolster your faltering spirit is a small change in your appearance, like getting new ear jewelry 😘

These are what I’m wearing right now, 00g soft tunnels in a nice ocean green. I had a pair of black plugs, but one got lost and I was tired of walking around with one bare lobe :/ 

The next size up is 7/16″, and I found this sweet taper and plug set to get me there: 

What fancy ear pieces do you like to rock on a day-to-day basis? 

Get at my Snapchat: bloodplaylizard 😜 

Send a snap mentioning this blog and I’ll add you back!


When the Day Met the Night

“Pretty Odd” is an album that rests securely in my list of top ten Favorite Albums ever, and this song always calms my spirit. Great for soothing anxiety, incoming panic, or just for a bit of happiness and peace.

Presented for your enjoyment on this #musicmonday 🎢🎼🎡🎹🎧🎀🎺

life of the beast

Y’all I have had me a day

This is just gonna be a little journal post because good gods the adventures I’ve had today…

I needed to get my tag renewed like…two days ago, ok? So that’s already a stressor. I drove the 40 minutes to the tax office yesterday, SURPRISE FOOL it’s a holiday and I forgot.

Bringing us to today.

I’m sick but I still have to work, so I’m a little cloudy in the head from the cold medicine (this post not sponsored by Day-Quil), and work rather floated by. I get my ass to the tax office again, today, and I fuckin GET THERE and it’s SCARY because UNFAMILIAR LOCATION and it’s my turn and I can’t get a tag because I don’t have my emissions done.

I forgot that was a thing.

So I drove over to the emissions place, but it was cash only, and by then I needed to pee really bad so I said “heck it” and went home. I go to get my emissions at a nearby car wash (a place I’ve never been before, thus I was unfamiliar with their business customs because NEW PLACE), and had to be instructed by the (very patient) attendant on how to get my car going through the wash. Tips such as: “you need to put your window up” were delivered unto me by this very kind and good car wash attendant soΒ away I went through the wash!

Car washes are a little scary.

And out I come on the other side…and no emissions test has happened. There is no sign instructing me to “Drive here to get that inspection test, son!” Nothing. I confusedly pull into a parking spot and avail myself of the free vacuum, hardcore thinking about just dejectedly driving away. However, I decided against eating the $15 I had just paid, and walked over to some car wash employees, asking about my sought-after emissions test.

The test got done, and for the first time in my FUCKING life, I have to get shit fixed on my car before I can pass my emissions test. For fuck’s sucking sake.

I am taking the rest of the night off, these flippin’ adult problems can wait ’till tomorrow. I need a break.



I’m hooking you up with $25 off your first HotelTonight room

So it’s February, and that means it is officially the time of paper hearts, gifted chocolates, and rose-everything. Yes, wayward souls I’m talking about Valentine’s season.

If you have a special someone (or “someones”, poly relationships exist too), then you probably view your alone time with them as a precious, precious thing. My fiance and I currently live with his mother and when we have time alone…we cherish it.

The HotelTonight app is my little secret weapon. I use it to snag rooms for MomoCon, and just the other week for a one-night escape.


So here’s an idea: surprise your sweetie with a lil one-night getaway. Nothing could be nicer for your Valentine than some privacy and snuggles. The inclusion of cheap wine and fair-to-middlin’ chocolates is your call, buddy. Use my code JUREICH to get $25 off your first HotelTonight booking. Get the app:


Golden Slumbers bath bomb

This is a special one: the lustrous Golden Slumbers bath bomb was tucked away in the luxe Lush Spa gift set this past Yuletide. Sometimes it’s nice to have a bit of exclusivity in my bath experience. 

Golden Slumbers is a gentle, comforting dream of lavender, chamomile and neroli. Where I live, my bathtub time is limited (so I have to be relatively quick in there, and squeeze in my soaks when I can), but this bath was relaxing enough to put the anxious little “gotta hurry up and get outta here” to rest.

I liked the neroli mixed in with the somewhat predictable pair of chamomile and lavender, it provided something new and fresh to go with an already- functional pair.

Also, if you are a new reader of this blog (hallo!), or if you just don’t know me outside of the internet, I’m actually a dragon. As such, the beautiful gold lustre this bomb is laced with was a big plus for me πŸ‰πŸ‘βœ¨πŸ’–