Song of a sock

I wait for you in the dark.

You, who took me into your home,

brought me somewhere safe and surrounded me with friends.

I lay still until you need me.

My twin and I, ready to serve,

we will be your foundation, we’re here to be used.

I have only one wish, just

please use me ’till my body tears.

Let me wrap snugly against you on cold nights,

I live only for the moment you pluck my from my room

with your kind hands.

Here at your feet I will remain,

and nowhere else.

My life is humble, but full of quiet joy.


Sonnet 0

In fair Zone 0 we begin our tale

With Purifier and his Puppeteer

Encouraged by a cat who looked quite frail

The Purifier said, “The end is near.”

He journeyed far and wide to all the Zones

A brave, redeeming knight with bat in hand

He slayed the demons, scattering their bones

The pale, masked vendor said “It’s all as planned.”

The warrior’s quest soon came to an end

Before the Queen he came after a time

His head did bow, and his proud knee did bend

The Purifier answered for his crimes

He who conquers self doth conquer twice

Slaughter recklessly, dear knight, and pay the price


my relationship with spiders


threads hanging in air


speech strung up to share

detailing unexpressed cares

laying my heart open, bare


my narrative flow


got something to show

years keeping silent, alone

rhythm rests deep in my bones


tread carefully here


draw listeners near

tell me your hopes and your fears

darling I’ll open your ears


weave webs out of words


I’ll spin you a dirge

sing for the people we were

songs for the whole universe

life of the beast

I’m wearing the ring.

I’ve been wondering when I should start “actually blogging” here and not just posting poetry. Also as the weeks have gone by, I’ve been keeping myself from starting as no topic I’ve thought of has been “good enough”. As the creation of this blog represents a beginning of sorts for me, it makes sense to start the personal posts with another personal beginning: On the Saturday of Dragon*Con, 2016, my boyfriend of one year asked me to marry him. We were outside in our Gravity Falls cosplay (he was Bill, I was Dipper), watching the Dragon*Con parade go by with our friend Cody (they were a casual Tracer from Overwatch), when he gently took me aside and I KNEW it was coming I KNEW this was it.

And it was. He presented me with a beautiful ring (a silver tree branch with an opal, perfection) and asked me to marry him and I said yes. I’m actually really glad he didn’t go down on one knee, as this would have prompted the people around us to simultaneously lose their flippin’ minds, and I didn’t want that. I wanted his proposal to just be our moment, and it was. No need getting massive amounts of people involved; I may be poly but it’s him I want to marry.

I asked him, “Okay, knowing everything you know about me…are you super sure?” and he said he was. Also Cody knew ahead of time and was filming the moment as it happened. I’m so glad it was recorded.

I love him so much and I can’t wait to be his spouse.



I am not the pimples on my face

softness built up ’round my thighs and waist

I am not my un-groomed, un-plucked brows

no foundation, no concealing powder

I am not my fashion sense-less clothes

clashing colors, blue jeans way too old

I am not my hours spent with friends

evenings spent drunk-dancing, without end

I am not my anger or my hate

I am not walking into class late

I am not my ratty, torn-up sneakers

I am not my car’s old blown-out speakers

What I am is what I need to be

Sad sometimes, but oftentimes at peace

Awkward, clumsy, that’s alright with me

Mirrors show me what I need to see



“dreams come true here”

in that moment, I believed it

streets lit with hope

walls adorned with the colors of ambition

it seemed the strange and beautiful was to be found on every corner

beneath illuminated bids for adoration

a tiny, dusty curio shop

within its windows

the delicate skeleton of a bat

cast in bronze

in all the Empire,

nothing could have been more beautiful